Actor:  Nelson Ellis
Character: Lafayette Reynolds
Show:  True Blood

True brilliance

favorite character in the show. total hottie actor!!

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2014 has give birth to a whole new breed of white people and im just not sure they can be stopped

The caption tho…

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Cinco Dominicanas en la serie del momento: Orange Is the New Black

"Cinco talentosas Dominicanas que actualmente se encuentran rodando la segunda temporada de "Orange Is The New Black" y que, por cómo terminó la primera, es posible que sus personajes latinos tengan mayor relevancia y profundidad." [x]

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Restored Faith in Humanity of the Day: Kids Find a Lost iPhone & Instagram Themselves to Inform the Owner

After losing a friend’s cell phone while out on a weekend ride in the countryside, designerKimchi Ho thought that was the end of that. But upon returning home, Kim was pleasantly surprised by a video message that had been uploaded via her Instagram account, which showed several skater kids letting the owner know they found his phone. Thanks to them, Kim was able to retrieve the missing cell from a local skate park, with no damage done and only a few silly pictures taken by the good Samaritans.

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